Centogene Solutions

How we created an immersive, digital web experience for a rare disease company

Art Direction

Unlike other clients we have worked with, Centogene it not in the business of content creation or design. Therefor it was up to us to build every visual element from scratch.

Material research and exploration
Final look and feel

The solutions

Rare diseases are highly complex and the field is fairly undiscovered which requires a systematic and well thought-through approach to understand and diagnose these types of diseases.

Pharma Solutions

From a single drop of blood Centogene develops innovative drugs and medicine. The acceleration of preclinical, clinical and commercial programs are driven through strong collaborations with pharmaceutical partnerships.

Capsule wireframes
Pharma solutions sketches
Material Exploration
Capsule animation fine-tuning

Patient Solutions

There are more than 3800 rare diseases. Centogene focuses on creating Biomarkers that find and locate abnormal DNA patterns, analyse their clinical and epidemiologic existence and then find the fitting pharmaceutical solution. Finding these patterns in the DNA is the tricky part, that takes a high level of precision on a very fine molecular level.

Patient solutions sketches
Patient solutions art direction
Curated layout in Cinema4D
Vertex painting

Knowledge Solutions

Centogene uses artificial intelligence models to rapidly process large amounts of patient data very effectively and reliably. A neural network can automatically combine genetic and patient data and find fitting pharmaceutical solutions. The use of intelligent software can—together with a database of clinical symptoms and genetic data—calculate disease types more accurately than ever before.

Knowledge solutions sketches
First direction
Helix shape exploration
Data shape exploration
procedural formations



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